user reviews


Jaclyn Dolamore
Author of Magic under Glass

"I'm the kind of person who keeps every scrap
of paper and every childhood diary for my own
reference and in case I ever decide to write an
autobiography. I wish I could travel back in time and
hand myself this app. It would make things a lot
easier! BeforeNow makes the organization-loving,
list-making part of my brain very very happy."
Jason Ruona
Owner of JConcepts

“We sponsor RC races around the world and I, or my
team, is constantly traveling, it's nice to have an app
to organize all of my work events and record notes
about each event date, attendees and the location.
Some are annual events that we return to year after
year, I like to be able to refresh myself on each
location before I return again."
Trey Solms
Army National Guard

“My platoon has been deployed to the gulf for
hurricanes, and Kuwait for the war on terrorism.
These events shaped my life, and I want to document
the details.”
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