Terms and Conditions : Updated 05/15/18 for GDPR

By using BeforeNow, you agree to this Statement.
BeforeNow, LLC does not view, keep, share, or sell your personal information. BeforeNow, LLC does not have any servers, the content is only visible from the device that content was generated on. It is the users responsibility to keep that information safe from others, via a password on the device or physical lock.

BeforeNow is a service for our users, it is not designed for malice or misuse. Users of BeforeNow software cannot hold BeforeNow, LLC liable for any damages caused to the user, be it physical or mental. BeforeNow is not liable for lost information due to software updates or malfunctions.

Privacy Statement

We feel that our users privacy is very important. BeforeNow, LLC does not have access to your private information.

The information that you store in BeforeNow should be kept private, we recommend placing a password on your device so that others cannot see your information without your consent. We also recommend backing up your device in iTunes, so that you don't have to start over in the event something were to happen to your iPad.

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