organize your life events
everything you’ve done in your life is an event. whether it’s a job, a party, a vacation, separate them in tracks for easy organization.

unlimited tracks in your life
you've done things in your life that we can't even imagine.
create your own personal
tracks-- make as many as you want.

add a photo to an event
import a photo from the
iPad camera roll, Photostream,
or even your facebook profile.

easy start-up
when you first start beforenow
you can register with facebook
or skip registration. we want
it to be as easy as possible
for you to get started.

list friends in events
we do very few things by ourselves. so we want you to
add coworkers, friends and
loved ones to an event.


safe on your iPad
Your database is saved
securely on your iPad,
and not floating around
on the internet.

export a PDF
free your timeline from your
iPad using airprint, email, or
open in a PDF reader such as
evernote, dropbox or iBooks.

list view
the timeline view is great but
sometimes it's nice to just see a
list of all your events.

30 default tracks
we’ve built in the most
popular tracks to get you
started: education, vacation,
employment, height are just

a few!

built-in maps
where you’ve been is just
as important as what you’ve
done. with beforenow, you
can enter an address or
location for every event.

rate your events
you've seen some great
concerts and some bad movies.
rate them 1 -10 to help keep track of your favorites
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