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dates are forgotten easier than we like to admit
think back to a vacation that you took about 10 years ago.
do you remember what month you went?
are you even sure what year it was?

track unlimited things in your life
create a custom track for medication, sporting events,
video games, or whatever you can think of.

don’t forget the details
do you remember who was the opener at the
concert you saw five years ago?

remember who went with you to the movie
some events start to blend together as you get older.
list who was with you at any event.

the location helps bring back memories
with beforenow, you can name a location
and add a map to any event.

recall what you were doing at the same time.
beforenow events show volume, so you can see things
like what car you drove, who you were dating,
and where you lived at any point in your life.